SweetMeadows PWDs are known for their great temperaments and soundness, both mentally and structurally.  Our puppies are whelped in our home and raised in a room right off of our kitchen.  Our puppies are able to run and jump through our small agility course, as well as being introduced to water in our swimming pool.  We are very proud that our puppies have gone on to compete and win titles in all performance areas of competition.  Our dogs have titles in water, agility, obedience and tracking, as well as multiple Conformation Champions.  To date we have 22 Breed Champions, with 20 of those being finished by Kathy.  We are on our way to finishing our 5th Bred By Exhibitor champion, with SweetMeadow's Do you Love Me, "Lolita".

We are very proud to say that we qualified for the PWDCA Outstanding Breeder Award in 2007.

We have produced a Multiple Best in Show winner, Ch. SweetMeadow's Forever In Blue Jeans, "Levi!".  Levi is also a multiple Group winner, and in the top 5 Breed and All-Breed placements in 2005 & 2006.

Levi has also been awarded:
  • Best of Opposite Sex at our National Specialty 2006, under Breeder/Judge Joyce Vanek.
  • Award of Excellence and Best Bred By Exhibitor at the highly respected Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show, under Mrs. Irene Biven.
  • Canadian Kennel Club Championship in 2007.
  • Sire of Best Puppy in Show, Best Puppy in Sweeps, and Best Puppy in Breed at the International Kennel Club show in Chicago.

All our breeding dogs are health tested prior to breeding, with all the tests recommended by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. These tests include:
  • GM-1, a genetic test for storage disease.
  • OptiGen, which is a marker test for PRA
  • OFA as well as PennHip, to determine hip status
  • CERF, which is an eye test to determine possible ocular problems.
  • PennGen, which is a new genetic screening test to determine whether a dog is a carrier or non-carrier of the gene to produce juvenile dilated cardiomyopathy.
Documentation of the results of these tests, for both the dam and sire of the litter, will be given to the puppy's new owners.

Our puppies, prior to placement, will have their dew claws removed, all of their puppy shots, will be treated for internal parasites, will be micro-chipped, and have a current CERF conducted by a canine ophthalmologist to insure you that the puppy has healthy eyes.  Pets are sold on a spay/neuter written contract, including a written health guarantee, and will be AKC registered.

Keep in mind that PWD's are working dogs.  They want a job to do... whether it's carrying in the newspaper, or someone's shoes or socks left by the door.  They are an active breed, and don't like to be left by themselves.  They want,and demand to be where you are, at all times.

We strongly believe that the relationship with your dog's breeder should be a good one. Remember this is a relationship/support group, which will last through the life of your dog. We would like to acknowledge a few of those folks who are "repeat" SweetMeadow's buyers and dear family members:
  • Ron and Ann Lisick - Saratogo, CA
  • James Blayney & Family - Minneapolis, MN
  • Ken and Debbie Rubin - Blue Bird, PA
  • David and Trish Delzell - Cleveland, OH
  • Robert and Marilyn Schneider - Chicago, IL
  • Gary Steinman - Milwaukee, WI
We are members of the PWDCA, Inc., The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Greater Chicago, The Overboard Portuguese Water Dog Club of Indiana, and The Illinois Valley Kennel Club.

We have also been active in the breed in other ways.  Kathy has designed the logo for 3 National Specialties, and has also Chaired the Merchandise Committee for 3 Specialties.  She has chaired the Awards for the Maryland Specialty in 2005, as well as Co-Chairing the 2006 National Specialty, with Milarie Rude.  She also sits on the SEAT committee, which is a planning committee to help chairs of future Specialties.

Kathy was instrumental in "compiling and editing" a Cookbook for the PWD Foundation.  This committee helped raise funds for health issues in the breed.  The first printing quickly sold out, so another printing was needed.  In the end, this project raised $15,000.00 for the research.

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