Thanks for another wonderful Porty! As I write, Bogie ( Sweetmeadow’s As Time Goes By) is curled up on the couch next to me and his cousin Sophie ( Sweetmeadow’s Return to Me ) is looking across the room wondering when he will move so she can grab that spot. During this first day here, Bogie quickly made friends with Sophie and Zoe ( the Bearded Collie). He is still exploring the house and has already learned the boundaries of his outdoor territory from the other dogs. As I mentioned, we set up an audible alarm that plays a tune every hour—when the alarm sounds, it is time for the dogs to go outdoors. Sophie and Zoe pretty much ignore it, but as soon as Bogie hears it he runs to the door. Instant housetraining! In the last few days, he has learned and reliably executes “Sit,” “Down,” “Come,” and “Stay” (well, almost!) At night, he sleeps in his crate with no complaints.

As you know, we bred and showed Old English Sheepdogs for many years. We know exactly how difficult (and expensive) it is to create a consistent line of dogs exhibiting sound confirmation, efficient movement, good health, intelligence, and calm, affectionate temperament. Bogie and Sophie exhibit all of these qualities and we are grateful that you have entrusted them to us. Also, we are confident that they will excel in the show ring—but that will be a bonus. We are picky about movement and standing posture; with little or no training, both Sophie and Bogie move like a dream and automatically set themselves up when they stop. Amazing!

Soon, we will return to our home in coastal North Carolina and our life on the water. Sophie loves water and instinctively took to cruising on our sailboat. Now we have two cruising companions and look forward to their antics on the boat and in the water. The WD in PWD is more than a nod to ancient breed history. Sophie loves the water, any water—creeks, rivers, oceans, puddles, even drainage ditches! Now she has a companion, and we eagerly anticipate seeing both of them frolicking in the creek and river bordering our property, leaping off of docks, and retrieving fish net floats.

Thanks again for your efforts as a breeder, your support and advice, and your friendship.

Best Regards,

Larry & Roberta Jones

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