Captain continues to be an amazing, loving dog! The most wonderful addition to the family. You definitely matched the right puppy with us. He is so smart and makes us laugh everyday with his antics. When we come home, he has the cutest prance/happy dance to greet us. He needs to have something in his mouth when he greets us. He is so good about knowing what is his and what he can/cannot play with. When he feels he is not getting enough attention, he will hunt for something he knows he shouldn't have and prances by us until we notice! You can just see him thinking.

Captain also has an obsession with our socks. If he is there when you are taking off or putting on he will do everything he can to get them and trot away. He has made it into quite a game; but gives them up easily. Captain is usually very responsive when given a command. There are times when he is stubborn or ignores us completely; but overall he listens very well and is eager to please.

At night he rotates between all the bedrooms; he just seems to like knowing everyone is where they should be. Another amazing thing about Captain is he only barks at appropriate times, like when people come to our door. When other dogs are barking in adjoining yards he only thoughtfully observes; but does not bark.

Captain continues to be wonderful with other dogs and children of all ages. He is always ready to play. Mike takes Captain to play with dogs in the neighborhood just about every morning.

We literally get compliments on his appearance every day. When Mike was walking Captain the other day a woman who is familiar with PWDs kept going on and on about how he was the most beautiful one she had ever seen!

Deb, Mike and the boys

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